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The challenges of moving abroad

Moving to another country is both an exciting and challenging adventure that involves stepping out of your comfort zone, adapting to a new environment and creating new connections.

Every person handles the adaptation process in a singular way. Even partners within couples experience disparate journeys depending on whether they move for work or do it as an accompanying partner.

Individuals that move for work tend to experience fewer identity issues. Even though integrating into a new work environment can be challenging, staying at home can be even harder. You have to deal with many unforeseen situations. Daily things like shopping for groceries or booking an appointment with the doctor can become headaches, especially if you don’t speak the local language. On top of that, professional integration can be difficult without a support network.

What is the Expats & Spouses Monitor?

The Expats & Spouses Monitor is a research project created for expats by expats. It aims to shed light on different aspects of expats life in Germany to create awareness about the challenges expats face and to promote international talent integration.

Is it easy to integrate in Germany? Are men and women equally satisfied with their careers? What challenges do expat partners experience when integrating professionally? How easy is it to become an expat entrepreneur? Is Germany a family-friendly country?

To answer these and other questions, we created a comprehensive questionnaire after interviewing +45 expats, expats’ partners and HR managers. The questionnaire collects information about key areas of expat life:

Why is this important?

Global talent is a crucial way to overcome the talent shortage in a country. It also brings diversity, a key driver for global competitiveness.

Integrating this international talent has become an opportunity and also a challenge for companies and policymakers.

By allowing expats and their partners to share their experience, the Expats & Spouses Monitor generates insights that help to improve this integration.

The output

Our questionnaire was running for around two months at the beginning of 2021. We have collected the experiences of 864 expats from 88 nationalities living in 144 German cities. Our results will be presented in different types of reports addressing the needs of the various stakeholders.

For more information about the reports, click here.

What to know more?

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