Amaia Izar de la Fuente

After finishing my studies in Business Administration, I started my career as a business consultant. For several years I worked as a project manager for different industries and companies such a Mercedes-Benz, T-Systems and ZARA.
Years later, I got my Masters Degree in Commercial and Marketing Management and worked in marketing as a product manager and business developer for 13 years.
In Germany, I have co-founded the International Women in Business Düsseldorf a non-profit-organization that creates networking opportunities for expat women in the Düsseldorf area.
I am a TEDx speaker and a passionate learner. I recently finished the leadership programme altmba.

Dr. Carlos Morales

Over the last 20 years, I have been a department leader, entrepreneur, consultant, professor and researcher in Europe and Latin America. I have a degree in social psychology, a master in research in sociology, and an MBA.

I got my PhD in Sociology at the Humboldt University of Berlin researching about entrepreneurs. I regularly participate in international conferences and publish research about entrepreneurship, career development and diversity management.

Currently, besides my consulting activity, I am also Honorary Senior Lecturer in Sussex Business School.

Our reason why

We both have moved to Germany trailing our partners
and have experienced the challenges: adapting to a
new culture, redefining our career, building work-life balance…

In our search for creating opportunities, we met in the Start Up Week 2017 in Düsseldorf and since then worked together in several projects.

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Amaia Izar de la Fuente

Originally from Spain, I arrived with my family to Germany in 2016. My husband was offered a corporate assignment and we decided to live the experience. As a kid, my family and I had lived in Mexico and the USA for 8 years. Experiencing other cultures is something I love and I wanted our 2 daughters to live that experience.

During my time in Germany, I wanted to rethink my career and start my own business. However, finding a support group to achieve my goals wasn’t easy. This made me get involved with other expats in a similar situation and co-created the International Women in Business Düsseldorf.

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Dr. Carlos Morales

I have been living in Germany with my wife and our three boys since 2015. Germany is the fourth country I live in, and Düsseldorf the sixth city. My professional life is driven by three of my passions: entrepreneurship, research and teaching.
Not only am I an expat myself, but over two decades I have met hundreds of expats. I know that while both expats and their partners embark together on the expatriation adventure, their journey and challenges can be very different. I have also experienced that people living abroad master the ability to step out of their comfort zone. This is precisely what equips them with essential resources for dealing with unforeseen situations.

Besides aiming to deeply understand the living conditions of expats and their partners in Germany, with this project we also want to make visible all the learning, resilience and skills they can offer in addition to their professional experience.