The Report

Expats & Spouses in Focus presents a comprehensive picture of the most important facts about expats and expat partners in Germany: their occupational situation, career satisfaction, integration, and opinions about Germany.
The report also includes a section using advanced analytics to determine which variables predict expats’ life satisfaction.
This information is useful for expats and expat partners who want to know more about life in Germany, for companies developing global-talent programmes, and for organisations searching to boost expats and partners’ professional integration in Germany.
Expats & Spouses in Focus


    1. Introduction
    2. Before you begin
    3. Key insights
    4. Research participants
    5. Work and occupational situation
    6. Career and career satisfaction
    7. Social life and integration
    8. Opinions about Germany
    9. Predicting life satisfaction
    10. Conclusion
    11. Acknowledgements
    12. Technical note
    13. References
    14. About the core team

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Who participated in the research?

Dossiers and customised reports

The Expats & Spouses Monitor will also publish dossiers addressing specific needs of different stakeholders such as relocation companies and global-mobility HR managers.

Moreover, if you are interested in specific information about expatriates, expatriate partners, or dual-career couples, contact us to customise your own dossier.